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                                 It's no longer enough just to achieve customer satisfaction.

                                 To be competitive in today's world,

                                 an organization must provide customer delight


    Jackson Jackson & Wagner is a behavioral public relations and management consulting firm, founded in 1956. Our counseling approach is based on how people behave as individuals and within groups. This focus on behavior helps us to anticipate how groups may act or react to issues or situations.


   We use a variety of research methodologies to provide clients with factual information about what motivates their employees, customers, and other important constituents. Identifying what is in the hearts and minds of key stakeholders enables our clients to build and maintain positive relationships with their internal and external constituents.


  As a behavioral public relations and management consulting firm, we begin with the premise that an organization must first identify, and then be able to motivate specific behaviors from stakeholders. This approach sets us apart from many. Instead of considering awareness or positive opinions the end goal, we look toward the behaviors needed from individual stakeholders and develop strategies and tactics designed specifically to build toward those behaviors.


  JJ&W counselors work in collaboration with clients and each other to develop the best approach or solution for individual situations. Our Of Counsel network provides us with additional expertise in key areas.


  JJ&W helps you to achieve your most pressing objectives by offering public relations expertise grounded in behavioral, measurable outcomes. We serve clients in every industry and of every size - from Fortune 100 corporations to small non-profits. Our clients benefit from our diverse base, our issue expertise, and our commitment to client delight.


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Hunter Rawlings III, president, Association of American Universities honored during Counselor's to Higher Education Spring Conference as Pat Jackson Annual Lecturer



Motivating Community Behavior", Local Solutions Conference, Tues. May 20, 2014 at the Radisson, Manchester, NH:  Discussion leaders Christa Daniels, Antioch University and Robin Schell, Jackson Jackson & Wagner


Standards Validation Paper Wins Jackson-Sharpe Award at IPRRC 
Marking a victory for standards, "An Examination of the Validity, Reliability and Best Practices Related to the Proposed Standards for Traditional Media," received the IPRRC Jackson-Sharpe Award for its clear benefit to the day-to-day practice of public relations. 

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The Court of Public Opinion vs.
The Court of Law


JJ&W's well received PRSA National Conference workshop is also now available for those who would like to explore the difficulties of and techniquesfor balancing legal and reputational outcomes.

The workshop, available for groups or internal staff,  can be expanded to up to a half day or morein order to explore legal issues 
and how to work with a legal team for maximal effectiveness.  Contact
Stacey Smith to discuss.