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  Jackson Jackson & Wagner is a behavioral public relations and management consulting firm, founded in 1956.  JJ&W's approach to any problem or opportunity starts with an in-depth understanding of how people behave as individuals and within groups. Our background in behavioral research, psychology and organization development makes us uniquely qualified to help clients identify and motivate specific outcomes with their priority stakeholder groups.


  JJ&W uses a variety of research methodologies to provide clients with factual information about what motivates their employees, customers, and other important constituents.  We ask the questions that help to identify current and potential behaviors, rather than just measuring awareness levels.  Identifying what is in the hearts and minds of key audiences enables our clients to build and maintain positive, longterm internal and external relationships.


  Our approach sets us apart from others; instead of considering awareness or opinions as the end goal, we measure behavior change and outcomes and help clients develop strategies and tactics designed to change behaviors and achieve specific goals.


 JJ&W serves clients in every industry - from Fortune 100 corporations to government entities to small non-profits. Our clients benefit from our diverse client base, our experience with a broad range of issues, and our commitment to client delight.



Behavioral Communication and

Being More Effective

January 21, 2023

NSPRA Academy virtual webinar

by Stacey Smith, APR, Fellow PRSA

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Robin SchellVirtual PR Bootcamp,

Presented by PRSA  

April 25, 27 and May 2nd 2023

By Robin Schell, APR, Fellow PRSA
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J.W. Arnold, CAE, Fellow PRSA


Patrick Jackon Award for Distinguished Service to PRSA

October, 2023

J.W.'s remarks about Pat 


Clark Dumont, APR, Fellow PRSA JJ&W Of Counsel  inducted into PRSA's College of Fellows at PRSA Conference, Dallas 2023 Congratulations, Clark 


Robin Schell hosted Gina Laughlin, head of Internal Communications at Delta Airlines to talk about how Delta reached a 95% vaccination rate. 

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Institute for PR's Master Class: Behavioral Science in Communication - From Evidence to Action, with Sarab Kochhar and Stacey Smith presented: "From Theory to Practice: The What, Why, and How of Behavioral Science for Communicators"

Blog now posted by IPR

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Available from NSPRA: "Mind The Gap" by Edward Moore, brilliantly covers Pat Jackson's teachings; free from the 

National School Public Relations Assn. 


PRSA Strategies & Tactics Article: "Building Career-Long Relationships"  





JJ&W's "6 Roles of a Practitioner" evaluation tool 


Lyme Disease Case Study 




"Recipe for Designing the Marketing Plan that Sets You Apart from the Crowd"

with Robin Schell & Jayme Simoes

NH Center for Non-Profits

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Stacey Smith

JJW Talks About ....


School Communicators Take Note:

For Flawless Execution, Prepare

Beyond Your Written Crisis Plan


Designing Recognition Program's That

Motivate Behavior


21 Measurement Standards To Help Really, Really Understand Employees and Build Effective Communication Systems

To Reach Them


Click here for your copy of :


Final Proposed Standards and Definitions
for Internal Communication Measurement